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Everybody’s Bike Month

May 31st, 2011 - News

It doesn’t take the Elephant Rock Ride, the Mayor’s Ride, the Starlight, Ride the Rockies,  or a clean-up day for Section 16 Trails to make June the time to celebrate riding bicycles if you are already a cyclist.*  You are already out there reveling in the sunshine.

There’s just one thing more to consider:  it is a good time to put some of that post-ride euphoria to work on recruitment.   Criterium’s motto is ‘Start Here,’ with lots of ideas for getting your partner, your friends, kids, or co-workers excited about cycling.  Sometimes it just takes an objective, like an organized ride.  Sometimes it’s a tune-up and a more comfortable seat.  Sometimes one of our bike fits will help create confidence.  And sometimes it is a rental–our tandem for a date, or a full suspension mountain bike to make your easy trail into someone else’s achievement.

Our lobby has lots of ride ideas, as well as information from cycling organizations:  People for Bikes, Adventure Cycling, the League of American Wheelmen, Bicycle Colorado, Colorado Springs Bike Club, and lots of organized rides.    Join in, and bring a friend along for the ride.

*All of the events and links are available at Peak Region Cyclist.