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All of us here at the shop love our smart phones.  I don’t think anyone of us could do with out them for any more than half a day.  On top of that we’ve all experimented with using them as a GPS unit as well, see the map below for an example.  If you haven’t gone down Jacks I promise you there are not that many long straights and 90 degree turns.  The phone lost the connection and recorded a B-line between the two last known locations.   The phone’s batteries are also depleted within about 2 hours with continuous GPS use, making it completely useless if something bad is to happen.

Until this year, the cost of a stand alone GPS unit was so huge it was hard to justify the expense.   That’s all changed now with the 2012 Garmin line. For the cost of the deductible on a broken smart phone you can now afford a well-made GPS unit. Keep the phone, too!   

So, don’t invest in a new mount to put your phone on the handlebars, but store it in a nice cushioned bed packed away in a pocket or pack.  The Garmin can handle the dirt, rocks, rain and mud that we come across on an average ride off road.    Stop in at the shop, check out the Garmin Edge 200, 500 and all the rest.