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Social Advocacy through Bicycles

Our local NPR station, KRCC, recently aired an episode of Western Skies which featured one of the bicycle clinics that repair and build bicycles for the homeless and low income people of Colorado Springs.  Watch the slide show with audio to get an idea of how important a basic bicycle can be for someone without a vehicle.  Peter Sprunger-Froese, Brian Gravestock, and Kevin Pendergraf are some of the tireless volunteers mentioned in the production.  The two Johns at the our shop, John Hurley and John Elder, also put in time for the cause repairing and transporting bikes and bike parts over to the clinics (sometimes by bike!).

If you have a box of parts, a complete bike, or a skeletonized bike laying around the garage, bring it down to our shop as we are a major donation point for these two clinics.  Do not underestimate the usefulness of what you have–the experience and ability of the volunteers is considerable.