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Miles Per Dollar

We know all about inflation at the bike shop.  Putting air in your tires keeps the wheels round and helps you to roll faster.  There is a self-serve pump by the front door.  We will also fix your flat while you wait, any time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., so the flat tire doesn’t ruin your ride.

There is a dark side of inflation, too.  The price of black butyl rubber has been steadily rising.   We can’t control this type of inflation, but we can develop some offers to keep your bicycle miles per dollar up.

For example, we did not want to compromise the quality of innertubes that we sell, so we now offer ‘bulk tubes’ of identical quality, without the box.  These tubes are available in most common sizes.  In addition to the bulk tube savings, we offer an additional $3 off when you purchase three tubes.   It gives you an incentive to keep a spare on hand.  Here is the math:   $10 tube in box, OR $6.52 bulk tube – $1 each with 3-tube discount = $5.52 before tax.   …just a little more than a gallon of gasoline, and probably good for hundreds of miles.