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Pikes Peak Highway by bicycle

The City of Colorado Springs opened the Pikes Peak Highway to self-guided bicyclists for the first time during the month of September.  It was a ‘trial period’ for the City, as well as for hundreds of cyclists who have requested Peak access for many years.

Doug Kennell, our part-time sales back-up guy, decided to make the trip on a road bike.  Doug is well-known in the mountain bike community, but hasn’t ridden a road bike since 2002.   In his typically intrepid style, he chose Pikes Peak for his first ride on a 58cm S-Works Roubaix.    It is unusual to find an S-Works bike in a rental fleet, but it was just sitting out there on the porch at Criterium, so off he went.

The Roubaix climbs much faster than his Epic, but it was also a great machine for the descent.  Unlike the previous road bikes Doug rode, this one did not require leaning ‘way forward, so he had little discomfort the next day.  His triceps were a little sore from the new handlebar position, but otherwise this veteran of the Leadville 100 was unscathed by the pavement experience.

Next year?  Doug appears to be a born-again roadie, and he is already shopping for a road bike of his own.  He’s looking forward to the arrival of the ‘13 Secteur or Roubaix Expert, both of which will feature disk brakes.  Just what you need for the Pikes Peak Highway.  How did Specialized know?