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Best Picks for 2013

January 2nd, 2013 - News

Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur:   A great improvement to the real Achilles heel of bicycling, the new clutch-style rear derailleur keeps chain slap to a minimum during use, and is manually adjusted to loosen the chain tension when you are removing the rear wheel.  SRAM’s version is the ‘Type 2′ which doesn’t say enough about the performance improvement for mountain biking.  These derailleurs will retro-fit to 10-speed systems, and start at $100 for the SLX Shadow Plus.

Criterium’s Wellness Checks for new bikes:  Six months of while-U-wait adjustments on your new bike will guarantee correct fit and adjustments for riding success.   A priceless benefit that comes free with every bicycle sold at Criterium.

Tray-mount bike racks for cars:  These racks are best appreciated at the end of ride!  No lifting of dirty wheels over your head–no special adapters for thru-axles or Lefties.  Just set the bike in the tray, cinch down, and don’t worry about driving into the garage with the bikes on top.

Criterium’s half price overhauls–still good until the Ides of March.