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Update on trail conditions

As the region continues to dry out from recent storms, local trails are in the process of recuperating.  Some trails, however, continue to remain closed.  Below is a list of updated conditions compiled by our friends at the Trails and Open Space Coalition.


  • Many Urban Trails are closed, including Sinton Trail and the Greenway from Nevada south, and Tremont to Polk. Please respect all barriers and closures.
  • North Cheyenne Canon Park remains closed, including Lower Gold Camp Road and High Drive, due to heavily damaged roads and trails. In some cases whole sections of roadways are gone.
  • Harlan Wolfe Park is closed.
  • Black Forest Regional Park – active use area open, trails and playground closed.


  • Blodgett Peak – open. Ponderosa, Peregrine and Blodgett trails are passable. Red Squirrel Trail is in good shape. Dry Creek Trail is in very poor shape.
  • Manitou Incline – Several ties completely gone. Watch for holes and questionable stability in spots.
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space parking lots are open. Damage to trails is said to be extensive.
  • Ute Valley Park is open.
  • Garden of the Gods is open with the exception of Foothills Trail, which remains closed.
  • Rock Ledge Ranch is open.
  • Intemann Trail Committee tells us the Iron Spring Trailhead along Ruxton Creek is still intact. They will be out checking the trail shortly.
  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park is open. Minor damage to most trails from erosion. Blackmer trail closed to bikers due to safety concern. Raccoon ridge trail closed near the campground.
  • Bear Creek Park is open. Erosion damage has been reported all along the creek. Rear entrance to Norris Penrose is completely washed out by the creek.

We encourage all trail users to continue to respect closures and be mindful of potential damage even on trails that are marked as open.   For more detailed information, check www.trailsandopenspace.org or give us a call here at Criterium.