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Service Department

OVERHAUL SPECIALS:  November -March Criterium offers half-price overhauls and deluxe overhauls.  This service is recommended for high-mileage bikes of all types, and for suspension bicycles that have not been serviced for over a year.  Most bikes will be finished within a few days, depending on parts availability.   This is the best time to get the service writer’s undivided attention for your machine!

NEW BICYCLE WELLNESS CHECKS:   Criterium offers while-U-wait wellness checks for the first six months with your new bicycle.  The wellness checks include shift and brake adjustments, inspection for warranty issues, and spot-truing of wheels.  Worn out parts, crash damage, and flat tires are not included with the free service, but may be corrected during the wellness check for the regular while-U-wait service charge.

MAINTENANCE CLASS:   Attending this Wednesday night class during the first six months will help the rider become more self-reliant on the trail, where there is not a mechanic on duty for flat repair, shifter and brake tweaking, or chain maintenance.

Class every Wednesday at 6 p.m., no reservations needed, and you do not need to bring your bike unless it needs a wellness check.